Posted by: nik | February 12, 2015

Snow Power

Crazy climate conditions this afternoon! The sun is shining and it’s snowing like crazy.


The solar panels are starting to get buried again, but right now they are still producing enough power to run the heat pump, and this at 3:20 in the afternoon! The light at the end of the long winter tunnel is within sight!



  1. I wish I could be so optimistic! 7″+ on our panels and no way to remove it…Keep up the good work on the blog.. I love it!

  2. Hubby had to climb up on the roof and clear our panels as there was at least 8 inches stuck in parts and was killing our production. More snow on the way today and the another 6-12 Sunday. I am done with winter!.

  3. I don’t like your weather , here today 44f and this winter I;ve just had the odd snow flurry ” I can live with that” loc here 35miles sth of London UK,.using a 8kw ground mount system now its been running 3 months
    15/3/15 09.15 am

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