Posted by: nik | May 25, 2013

Rainy Day Energy

It’s 45 degrees outside (yes Fahrenheit!) That’s 25 degrees below my comfort level.  It is also quite damp and raining. It’s not quite cold enough for a wood fire but it’s great weather for a heat pump! Our Mitsubishi HyperHeat has been keeping it nice and cozy in here. And doing it on a budget too!

The chart below shows our energy production in green and consumption in red over the last 3 hours. The solid green area is excess solar energy that was sold back to the utility. Solid red area is energy we bought from utility when our load exceed our solar generation. The white area under the graph is energy that we generated and then used on-site.


Even with all the rain and clouds our 9kW solar PV array is covering  all the energy loads of the house. This includes the heat and hot water, refrigerator & even the coffee maker!


  1. Love your title! Over on this side of Vermont it’s snowing, so please send some that cozy rainy day energy this way…

  2. Turning up the heat guilt free. That must feel awesome. Congrats!! -N

  3. […] have it set up to do so.  However, we recently got a very sophisticated control for the mini split heat pump and it measures outdoor temperature and humidity.  At this point there isn’t a way to record […]

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